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50% Winner 50% Infinite

Anonymous: i really like your blog!!! it's a perfect mix of infinite and winner :3

AHHh wow thank you so much! i’m glad you like groups too ;u;

life goals.


shin woohyun = nam woohyun ?


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Anonymous: I love all your tags kel hahahaha -Claire

LOL really??? but my tags are really weird and not very entertaining though ;;


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Happy Birthday to busanlion

To my precious snowflake, even tho you’re extra mean to me, and you always tell me to “go to sleep kim" or "i will never talk to you again" and your famous "im done with you kim”. I still love you a lot. And I’m not good with this kind of things like long messages and shit. But my main point is, you’re a very awesome person, you are seriously one of the best person I have ever met in my whole life. You and the rest of the not so sane circle. I am so happy I met you all. I love you mean masochist ♥

- Sadist Little Demon

Awww the edit is so cute. Good job Kim(:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DIANA~~~ go check your twitter for my (sappy) message and stay awesome.

(Drop her a bday wish at busanlion guys #projectbringdianatotears? Hahaha)
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